Intro: Hello Cate, you are here for an interview of your story. This interview appared in my blog Australia PSV.

Me: Where were you born?

Cate: I was born on 14 may 1969 in Melbourne, Australia.

Me: Have you ever lived in Australia?

Cate: Yes, actually I lived in Sydney.

Me: What are you ever visited in Australia?

Cate: I have ever visited "The Opera House", "Uluru", "Great Barrier Reef", "The 12 Oppostles" and " The Blue Mountains".

Me: What is your favorite city in Australia?

Cate: I have 3 favorite city. Melbourne is the First because I'm born here. Sydney is the second because is the most beautiful city I have ever seen and the third is Canberra because is the best capital city in the world.

Me: What is your job?

Cate: My job is actress.

Me: What do you like in your job?

Cate: In this job I loved Travel, met other people and celebrity.

Me: In what film have you ever played?

Cate: My principal film is " The strange story of Benjamin Button", "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of Rings"

Me: Do you have a passion?

Cate: Yes I loved rugby and golf.It's my 2 favorite sport.

Me: What is your favorite animals?

Cate: I loved Wallabies, It's so cute.

Me: Thanks you for this interview. Bye.

Cate: Youre welcome. Bye.